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Welcome. My name is Corbett Harrison. I have been an educator since 1990, and a teacher-trainer and University adjunct professor since 1998. I specialize in teaching writing using differentiated instruction techniques. I also focus on critical thinking skills, especially during the pre-writing and revision stages of the writing process. I retired from the classroom in June of 2019, and I will continue to consult with schools, districts, and states who are more interested in developing quality writing plans, not buying from one-size-fits-all writing programs.

Beginning over the summer of 2019, I will be available once again to train teachers your school or district if you would like to hire a qualified and dynamic trainer. You can find general information about my workshops here.

If you would like to check my availability for a specific date or dates for the 2019-20 school year, please contact me at this e-mail address. My calendar is already fillling up with workshop engagements.


Write & WritingFix

       Because writing--when taught well--can be the most enjoyable part of your teaching day, we created this website to provide fun, adaptable ideas for teachers.

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The lessons at this website are free, but keeping this website online is not free! We sell some of our ready-to-go materials at Teachers Pay Teachers to keep this website online and advertisement free! We also fund the WritingFix website, our Lesson of the Month Ning, and Dena's Write in the Middle site with monies earned at this website.

My Master's Degree is in Educational Technology, and I earned that degree back in 1999. As you might suspect, most of the technology I learned to earn that degree is now obsolete. I predicted this would be the case while I was attending the university between '96 and '99; however, there was one technological element I suspected would be around for a long time, and I was right: HTML code. If you're not familiar with that term, it means the coding that allows you to see and participate online at websites.

After completing my master's degree, I put a lot of personal energy into mastering HTML code so that I might build an educational website. My first domain name was WritingFix, and I bought it thinking it would be a place where students could submit important essays and receive editing services for a small fee; the site would help you "fix" your writing. That idea for an online business eventually didn't appeal to me. I still owned the domain name WritingFix (I had bought it for ten years at a great discount back in 1999!), and I decided to shift the idea to make a website where people came daily to find ideas to write about. If you needed (or were jonesing for) a writing "fix," the website I envisioned would give you that. Alone, I started posting interactive writing prompts.

The WritingFix website started out as one concept, but it became a very different one thanks to my involvement with our local chapter of the Northern Nevada Writing Project and its temporary sponsorship of the site during the 00's.

A Free Writing Lesson Once a Month
I actually teach my students our simple marketing plan for this website: give teachers and writers lots of ideas away for free, and you may just earn enough trust should you ever want to sell any products. We give away a free writing lesson every month!

Click here to join our Writing Lesson of the Month Ning. A free writing lesson will be e-mailed to you on the first Monday of every month. No obligations to subscribe or purchase later. If you like the lessons, we encourage you to see what we offer for sale.

In 2001, the Northern Nevada Writing Project asked me to become their Technology Liaison, which meant they wanted me to help them create a technology plan for the chapter. I met with other writing project's TL's at several NCTE Conferences, and many of their ideas for their sites were focused on buying technology, like digital cameras and scanners and laptops. I had seen how quickly physical technology became obsolete, so I decided not to buy that type of technology but instead invest time into creating a dynamic website that would give the NNWP a strong web presence. I proposed a small budget to a) keep the site online, b) hire really great writing teachers to create online lessons for other teachers, and c) design inservice classes that prompted teachers to create lessons we might put on the site as well. My budget was accepted, and the site grew, eventually doubling, then tripling, then quadrupling in size. Sadly, in 2008, our NNWP lost its federal funding, and they could no longer keep me on as their technology liaison. My wife and I decided we would find a way to pay to keep the website going using our own money, which we did for almost seven years. In 2015, we hosted an online fund-raiser, and we earned enough money to keep WritingFix going until 2020. We were so proud to learn the public loved WritingFix enough to help us keep it on line.

In 2009, Dena and I both began creating our own websites. Mine was called "Always Write" and hers was called "Write in the Middle." We'd seen how our WritingFix site--through its offering of both free and pay materials--had the potential to change educational practice while earning a little money on the side, so we set out to create our own sites based on our own classrooms' strengths in writing and reading instruction. In 2011, we became an official LLC, and these days, during the school year, we create and post free lessons that we are using with our own students, while over the summers, we create new for-sale resources that make reading and writing teachers' lives easier. Those for-sale products are all now on Teachers Pay Teachers!

Why share this long story? I'll tell you, our students knowing that we also host an online business is quite inspiring to them. We live in an age where--thanks to HTML code and the Internet--my students could very easily create their own followings and--possibly--craft their own jobs some day. This little website, albeit small, earns enough money to keep WritingFix and other sites all online and advertisement-free, and it allows us to invest more into our own retirement plans. My students are impressed with that! With our websites, I am a 21st Century Educator by example, and I am proud of that. I inspire my students by sharing how we create and market materials for our websites, and I inspire them to develop interests and original ideas that might become on-line money-making opportunities for them in the future.

We've officially moved all our for-sale Products to our Teachers Pay Teachers store

The thing about our products is we go back and change/improve them from time to time, and we are thrilled to freely send all product updates to our customers. Between 2011 and 2015, we independently sent teachers and writers download links (and updates) for our electronic products. In December of 2015, we decided to move our store to Teachers Pay Teachers. If you were a customer between 2011 and 2015, we still have the original email address in our database that you purchased with, and we happily send out product updates whenever we improve or modify one of our products. Those of you purchasing our materials after 2015 will receive notice through TPT when we modify any product you purchased from us. If your email address changes, it's important for you to let us know if you wish to keep receiving free updates; either keep your email address up-to-date at TPT, or send us an updated email address if you purchased directly from us before 2016.

In addition to for-sale products, we also feature free materials at Teachers Pay Teachers.
Here are our three most popular free products/previews:
Three of our Free Resources at TPT:
Mentor Text Classification

I have a very unique way of classifying and explaining my mentor texts to my students. I'm pleased to share these materials freely here.

6-Trait Poster Set

A small group of trait teachers (including me and Dena) created this set of 6-Trait Posters in 2007. Click here to access them for free!

Mr. Stick Materials

My Mr. Stick Presentation--first shared in 1997--became my most popular training for the NNWP. Click here for free resources from that demo lesson.

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Below are the products we currently offer at Teachers Pay Teachers for purchase:

Resources for Writer's Notebooks and Student Journals:

This was our very first product we built to sell. Ten months' worth of unique prompts and ten "center-square" lessons to excite your student to be different with their notebook entries. My students have monthly notebook competitions based on the center square challenge.

Sacred Writing Time Slides

It won't surprise our long-time users that this set of 366 PowerPoint slides is our best-selling item. It took us three summers to build the set, and I give credit to my wife, Dena, for their clever format. These will get your kids writing! My students expect the slide daily.

Writing Choice Menus

These menus serve as the third level of scaffolding we provide our students with our writer's notebook routine. The Bingo Cards and SWT slides are to inspire all writers, but these charming eight menus were designed to challenge your top 20%. These 8 menus are both multicultural and very metaphorical with their ideas that will challenge top thinkers.

573 Writing Prompts

Free TPT Preview

I've been collecting favorite writing prompts since 1996. Currently, I have 573 of them all written out on a 34-page document. They start with a question on purpose! There is a PowerPoint slideshow that explains how to use the question.

Reading Workshop Materials:
Resources to Teach Vocabulary through Writing:
Reader's Notebook Bingo Cards --
25 Reflective Summary Options

Vocabulary-Writing Lessons --
Ten Tasks for Writing about Tier-2 Vocabulary

18 "Quick Poems" for Socratic
Seminar Vocabulary

Free TPT Preview

Resources from our Professional Development Workshops:
7 Elements of a
Differentiated Writing Lesson

Free TPT Preview


Developing Critical Thinkers
Using Trait Language (and Sticky Notes!)

Free TPT Preview (3 of our 17 Sticky Note Templates!)


Exit Tickets
across the Curriculum

Free TPT Preview


Bundled Product Discounts:
Grouping Cards:
All 3 Writer's
Notebook Resources

All 3 Professional
Development Workshops

Random Grouping Cards with Vocabulary & Grammar Transition Activities for 16 - 33 students

Available soon!

We are in the process of moving all of our products to a brand new Teachers Pay Teachers Store.
This will allow our customers to have immediate download rights, and it will help deal with the school district email servers that block me from sending download links.

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We're Closing New Memberships to the Always Write "Lucky Seven" Club on August 1, 2016
In the summer of 2015, the Always Write website turned seven years old, and we have had some very faithful users during that entire on-line run. We've also had some users who came to the website later in time, but they immediately jumped on board and purchased the majority of our for-sale products. We want to thank our users who have put so much trust in our products, and between June 2015 and August of 2016, we are establishing a very special "club." That's right, it's called the "Lucky Seven Club."

What are the benefits of being a member? If you are an established member before August 1, 2016, you will receive the following major benefit:

  1. All our future products and product updates will be sent to you at no cost whatsoever. We have averaged 1.3 new products every year, and if you establish your membership, you will be on a special list of educators who will never have to pay for any of our products again. Not ever again. You have a future "free ride" for every product we will launch and sell to others. When new products are finalized between now and the end of this website's existence, you will be in the first group to be contacted, and the new products will be sent to you even before we send them to new, paying customers.

What's the catch, Corbett? Here's the deal: Dena and I are actively seeking some short teacher testimonials and some ideas for adaptations from teachers who are using many of our resources and products purchased from this specific webpage. When a new product comes out, we will send it to all members of the "Lucky 7 Club" for free in exchange for one thing:

  1. A short 4- to 6-sentence blurb about how your students have responded to one of the products we sell here, or a 4- to 6-sentence explanation of how you've adapted one of our ideas/routines to work for the students you teach. We do plan on saving and sharing these short blurbs not only on this page but also at workshops that we present around the country. I will not use your last names when citing a blurb; I will only share a first name, a last initial, and the state/provence you work in. As each new product for the rest of time is ready to be launched, you will receive an email saying, "New product coming. It will be sent to you for free in exchange for a short piece of writing about how you've successfully used one of the past products you have been sent."

How do I join? Some of you are already members because you've purchased 7 or more of our products in the past from us. Here's the deal though: I don't have time to go back through and scour all the records without a prompting from you.

To join, I am totally depending on you to contact me and tell me you think you're qualified. If you legitimately purchased any 7 resources that we offer for sale, I can look you up pretty quickly using PayPal if you provide me with any/all e-mails you used to make the purchases. Purchases made on bundled products count as multiple purchases. Purchases made while products were on sale count. You absolutely need to contact me by August 1, 2016, because after that, this club will close to any new memberships.

Is there an easy way to check or to buy what I need to secure my membership? If you've been a customer in the past, at right you will find our checklist of the 11 products we have been selling since 2011. If you purchased from us, you would be in our Paypal database and our personal database under the e-mail address you used when you made the purchase for the electronic download. You can use that email address when returning to PayPal and inquiring what products you purchased through them over the years. If you are just shy one or two products from having the "Lucky Seven," you can purchase any missing products through the new Teachers Pay Teachers store, then alert me that you've done so, and I will verify that purchase through TPT. If you make it to seven, you will receive all NEW products we create this summer (2016) and every summer to come.

If you are fairly new to our website, we do have a quick way to become a "Lucky 7" lifetime member. You will be sent our 7 most popular classroom products by using the button just below. These seven products are: 1) 10 Writer's Notebook Bingo Cards; 2) 366 Sacred Writing Time Slides; 3) 8 Writer's Workshop Restaurant-themed Menus; 4) Reader's Notebook Bingo Cards; 5) 11 Vocabulary & Writing Lessons; 6) 18 Tier-2 Vocabulary Quick-Poems; 7) Vocabulary/Grammar Grouping Cards. Separately, these seven products cost almost $130.00, but for the special price of $109.99, you will receive these seven products, and you will receive all future new products at no cost whatsoever. The special rate buys you a lifetime membership to our website and the products we will continue to create each summer.

Purchase a lifetime membership in the "Lucky 7" club
The following four products are NOT included in the "Lucky 7" purchase
Sorry the August 1st deadline has passed. The Lucky 7 Membership drive is permanently closed. Visit our Teachers Pay Teachers store to learn about both our new and for-purchase products!
  • 7 Elements of a Differentiated Writing Lesson Workshop Materials
  • Critical Trait-Thinking Workshop Materials
  • Exit Tickets across the Curriculum Workshop Materials
  • 504 Writing Prompts

The seven products you will receive for the $109 membership fee are listed in the paragraph just above this table. Email questions to corbett@corbettharrison.com

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